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App does whats promised

I recommend this app


There is no option to listen music offline

Please Please Fix????

Can you fix This ICloud Music Upgrade because I like this app a lot its just that ICloud Music Upgrade

Good app works well

^_^ Good sh*t some of them fanburst songs are really good

Love the app

I love it and its nice to be able to use one on a iPhone

Great app !!!

I love this app!! And its so cool to see how far the app has come...

Great to listen to Google Drive Music

I got this to listen to the music on my google drive. Other players would only load certain folders for free. I was a bit upset having to watch a commercial every 10 songs, it seemed after a while it was every 8 then 6 then 4. So I purchased the player option for Google Drive for a one time fee of $1.99. I eventually learned that I could have ALL player options for $6.99 so Im a bit peeved after that. But it helps me from having to squeeze like 200 songs onto my phone, at least now I can play a few thousand.

I hope this app works

Some reviews are good but some are bad I really dont know if it is great




You can only listen to your music a couple times then you have to pay to 10.99 just to listen a couple times !! HORRIBLE APP and to the developers of this app, delete this app, your job and your self??‍♂️ there are far better cloud music apps you can listen to for FREE without PAYING money


Finally an app that I can easily listen to unlimited music! I adore this app!!! 10/10 download!

App looks good, but Fanburst...

This app is one of the better looking and functioning cloud music apps out there. And this is the kind of thing that is perfect for kids and "tweens" where you can put together a library of songs they like but filter out some of the songs that arent appropriate for that age. But the Fanburst feature utterly defeats this goal and it cant be turned off or restricted with a passcode. Case in point, I chose one of the playlists on Fanburst and the first song on the list is titled "Sex for Breakfast." Im not trying to shelter my child from all popular music, but come on. Until they add the ability to lock the Fanburst option, I just cant recommend it. For older teens and adults, this may not matter, but for parents of younger kids it does.

Good app

i think this is a great app for music, the problem is that it has too many ads

I love this app...but

This app is incredible. I have been using it for a LONG time, and I love it! The only thing is, it was better when it was streaming sound cloud instead of fanburst. If you could stream sound cloud again, I might redownload the app, but until then, Ill use something else.


This app is by far the most worth it app to listen to your music ever. $2 to listen to unlimited music while offline/ without internet or wifi? SOLD!!! Now I can enjoy my music peacefully without having to waste too much money since Im on a budget. This app is more organized and easier to use than boring old iTunes (haha no offense iTunes) with their overpriced songs and all that. Definitely recommend this app if you want a high quality app for a cheap price that allows you to listen to your favorite songs. This app is truly amazing <3

Intuitive Music App

Easy to use and flexible. Support is very responsive.


Lets me listen to amazing songs and had really good quality!?


This is the only app I can find that will work!!!

Awesome but...

Its awesome but to many adds?✌️?I love it best app every

Looks great

It will be five stars if I would use with a pny 3.0 flash drive and save the music in your app inside on my phone, like the san disk flash drive

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